How to build SpringBoot MongoDb RestfulApi

In the tutorial, JavaSampleApproach will show you way to build a SpringBoot MongoDB RestfulApi.

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I. Technologies

– Java 1.8
– Maven 3.3.9
– Spring Boot: 1.4.3.RELEASE
– Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.8.1.RELEASE
– MongoDB v3.4.1

II. Overview
1. Project Structure

springboot mongodb restfulapi project structure

2. Step to do

– Create SpringBoot project
– Create model class
– Create MongoDB Repository
– Run & Check Result

III. Practice
1. Create SpringBoot project

Open Spring Tool Suite, on main menu, choose File->New->Spring Starter Project, input needed project’s info. Press Next, then Finish, a SpringBoot project will be created succesfully.
Open pom.xml file, add Spring Data Rest & Spring Data Mongo dependencies:

2. Create model class

Create a Customer class for simple model:

package com.javasampleapproach.mongodbrestapi.model;

import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicLong;


public class Customer implements Serializable {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    private Long id;
    private String firstName;
    private String lastName;
    private static AtomicLong COUNTER = new AtomicLong(0L);
    public Customer() { = COUNTER.incrementAndGet();
    public String toString() {
        return String.format("Customer[id=%d, firstName='%s', lastName='%s']", id, firstName, lastName);

	public String getFirstName() {
		return firstName;

	public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
		this.firstName = firstName;

	public String getLastName() {
		return lastName;

	public void setLastName(String lastName) {
		this.lastName = lastName;

3. Create a MongoDb repository

Create a MongoDb Repository by extends interface MongoRepository:

package com.javasampleapproach.mongodbrestapi.repository;

import java.util.List;


import com.javasampleapproach.mongodbrestapi.model.Customer;

@RepositoryRestResource(collectionResourceRel = "customer", path = "customer")
public interface CustomerRepository extends MongoRepository {
	List findByLastName(@Param("name") String name);

In above code, we define a customize method for finding a list customers by lastname.

Open to configure MongoDB:
4. Run & Check Result

Run MongoDB Server. Then run Spring Boot project.

GET request:
springboot mongodb restfulapi get request

springboot mongodb restfulapi get customer request

POST request:
springboot mongodb restfulapi post request

GET all Customers:
springboot mongodb restfulapi get all request

– All search query:
springboot mongodb restfulapi get all search request

– Find customers by LastName:
springboot mongodb restfulapi find by last name request


IV. Source code


6 thoughts on “How to build SpringBoot MongoDb RestfulApi”

  1. I had 404 error in the rest client . I use Insomnia, both get and Post method gave 404 INVALID.
    Could you please help.

  2. Hi, How to get combination fetch data?
    For example we have below records

    { “_id” : ObjectId(“5a704e7643b378971016e914”), “_class” : “Misc_profile_info”, “acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “favorites”, “valueData” : “KBCContest”, “modifyDate” : ISODate(“2018-01-30T10:52:38.707Z”) }

    { “_id” : ObjectId(“5a704e7643b378971016e915”), “_class” : “Misc_profile_info”, “acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “Games”, “valueData” : “{\”high-score\”:23000}”, “modifyDate” : ISODate(“2018-01-30T10:52:38.721Z”) }

    { “_id” : ObjectId(“5a704e7643b378971016e916”), “_class” : “Misc_profile_info”, “acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “Movie01”, “valueData” : “Independenceday”, “modifyDate” : ISODate(“2018-01-30T10:52:38.732Z”) }

    { “_id” : ObjectId(“5a704eab43b378971016e917”), “_class” : “Misc_profile_info”, “acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “Games”, “valueData” : “{\”high-score\”:23000}”, “modifyDate” : ISODate(“2018-01-30T10:53:31.656Z”) }

    { “_id” : ObjectId(“5a704eab43b378971016e918”), “_class” : “Misc_profile_info”, “acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “Movie”, “valueData” : “Independenceday”, “modifyDate” : ISODate(“2018-01-30T10:53:31.703Z”) }

    But we need exact combination record (“acctId” : “489704”, “contactId” : “507700”, “keyName” : “Movie”). How to get that record? Please suggests.

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