Elasticsearch Simple Query String Query

In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at Elasticsearch Simple Query String Query that allows us to specify AND|OR|NOT… conditions and multi-field search within a single query string. Unlike query_string query (which is recommended for expert users only), simple_query_string query discards invalid parts of the query and never throws an exception.

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Elasticsearch Compound Queries

Compound queries wrap other compound or leaf queries to combine results and scores, to change behaviour, or to switch from query to filter context. In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at types of compound query: Constant Score, Bool, Dis Max, Function Score and Boosting Query.

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Elasticsearch Term Level Queries – Fuzzy Query

Searching natural language is imprecise because computers can’t comprehend entire natural language. Fuzzy Query can find words that need at most a certain number of character modifications to match. In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at way to use Elasticsearch Fuzzy Query that uses similarity based on Levenshtein edit distance.

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Elasticsearch Multi Match Query – More Practice

We have known some basic Elasticsearch Multi Match Queries. This tutorial shows you more practice: how Operater affects to Best Fields/Most Fields/Cross Fields type, how to use Tie Breaker with Cross Fields type, Fuzziness in Multi Match Query…

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